Jupiter A6

Based on warframes gas city tileset

  1. Jupiter A6, a distinct fear of 7

    Ooh boy, this one changed a lot.

    Big glass box of failed potential outside spawn is now gone.

    jump pads have been moved, and flattened.

    Spawn revived another change, doors are now different again.

    Added various walls to compliment new spawn doors. Added path to container flank from high ground.

    New path also drops into the mid/ flank connector room.

    Added various arrows to prevent confusion

    Mid ramps no longer require jumping to reach high ground. You guys really hate using space,...
  2. ctf Jupiter A5, hit

    Made the darker areas in the map notably brighter.

    Completely reworked the balcony flank, it is now a much larger room, and contains cover, health, and ammo.

    Made some optimization tweaks.

    Watched Shrek 2
  3. ctf_Jupiter A4, just 4 you

    Removed catwalk from intel room, added a window. Attacking team no longer has literally all the high ground.

    Added stairs to the top level in the connecting room between intel and the balcony.

    Made low ground on mid notably less hazardous, small beams to center health have been replaced with notably wider boards.

    Removed some redundant small packs (both ammo and health) from lower mid.

    Added medium ammo pack to intel-balcony connector room.

    Added some more stairs to the balcony flank,...
  4. ctf_Jupiter A3, it is like E3 but not exiting in any way.

    Adjusted the balcony flanks again, they are no longer as extreme a sniper sightline and require less jumping to use.

    Indirectly added two entrances to the intel room, intel room no longer connects directly to spawn.

    Added a new spawn exit to compensate for losing the intel exit

    Made mid high-ground more open to promote more combat on highground as it is currently the most used section of the map.

    Killed god

    Changed glass textures to be easier to see from a distance.
  5. Jupiter A2, electric boogaloo

    made the map less vertical

    intelligence now resets properly when pushed off the map

    made the high ground accessible by all classes from mid

    added two small health kits to high ground to help lower the number of deaths via fall damage

    balcony flanks are no longer a one way trip for classes without mobility

    jump pads no longer shoot the player directly upwards