Improved Unique Player Naming Logic

Improved Unique Player Naming Logic 2021-9-2 v2.1

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- changed all OnUser1 to OnUser4
  • Removed logic where names were cleared at the beginning the round to reset everything
    • Players are now named named_player_* (instead of player_*) for better sorting/organization
  • Added logic to account for potentially duplicate names, in order to keep names unique per-player.
  • Added additional notes for map makers.

I have been using a bulkier version of this for awhile that I thought was better. The bulkier version was to save the names between rounds using a env_global and logic_auto per-named-player, BUT IT TURNS OUT the game already saves the names between rounds, without me having to create a system to do so!

So to celebrate my findings I'm updating this one. This is the one I'll be using in my maps. Have fun!
I can't believe this bug has been elusive for more than two years.
  • Fixed bug when the system resets itself. Rewriting to player 12 would actually echo back to branch 13...
For the future, you can use this in an instance by just toggling the second visgroup in the prefab.