a boojum snark

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  1. Yaki

    Improved Unique Player Naming Logic 2021-9-2 v2.1

    Unique player naming is difficult and can be cumbersome to achieve within a map on its own. This prefab will make it easy for you (a map maker, I presume) to do in your map. This logic improves on an outdated version (found here on TF2Maps). What this logic improves on from the last version...
  2. juicy lime

    ABS Resource pack prefab doesnt work

    I wanted to make a multistage payload map but when I tested the payload logic, which I copy and pasted from the gametype library from the ABS Mapping Resource pack, the round just ended after the very first point was captured. I tried messing with the In- and Outputs of the point and the...
  3. TruckerMann

    A boojum snarks resource pack issues

    I am attempting to follow UEAKCrash's youtube tutorial on map making but I've ran into a problem. I have downloaded the resource pack(a boojum snark) and ran the installer but it did not apply itself to hammer. any suggestions to try fixing this? I also don't know how to save space on thread...
  4. Yaki

    Unique Player Naming Logic Utter Final

    We know how messy or simply impossible it is to keep track of player's names in Hammer. For those who want to separate players from each other, this prefab will give them unique names to be called upon by Hammer. This prefab shows you how to do one thing: How to name up to 32 players at one...
  5. AlexCookie

    Update ABS's .fgd

    Report all issues with ABS's fgd, so I can fix them. info_player_teamspawn class flags
  6. AlexCookie

    Class-specific spawnpoints [Fixed ABS's fgd] V1

    Class-specific spawnpoints Original fgd Author: A Boojum Snark Screenshot: Installation: 1. Put tf-abs.fgd in "Team Fortress 2/bin" 2. Open Hammer , Tools -> Options 3.Choose tf.fgd from the list and click [Remove] 4. Click [Add] and choose tf-abs.fgd 5. Click [OK]