ignition a11d

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and some new junk by spawn to make sentries less good

sorta feel like crossing spawn is a bit too difficult. i would like to add another route that goes to the building next to spawn + make it easier to get there but i'm not sure if it adds too much stuff to spawncamp with.
idk probs gonna call it a layout and be done w/ it
i would like to make the non-chin routes more important
-1s every intel enemy caps, -0.15s everytime it returns. forcerespawn on return REMOVED.
jumppad nerfed, sentries near spawn nerfed

gunna try n detail this soon theres too much 45 degree shit and detailing/guiding to these chins is hard!
moved spawn up just a hair, jumppad buff, reduced sentry view angles near spawn, new intel exit, other lil things

changed spawntime gimmick:
-2s everytime enemy caps intel, -0.35s everytime you return the intel. still a forcerespawn when ur intel is capped or returned.

i have no idea how to explain this visually/logically but i really like how it gels with chin ctf
mid (huge area) and spawnyard (huge area) were rendering at same time. very bad!
still some issues. i might wanna rotate the whole map 45 degrees which i already did in a2 which is kind of funny. i dunno thats quite a bit of work.
big ctf good big ctf strong big ctf make rounds take long
sorry yall didnt like da map. would like to buff some sentry spots a lil bit, trying out a new ledge thing near mid.

desperately need to optimize. i did a few things but not much. lmk where your frames suffer (pretty sure its at mid and leaving spawn)
also added badlands skidmark road