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Icy Storm [Unusual Effect] 12/18/21

Unusual effect made for the 2021 Jam

Icy Storm, an unusual effect I made for the 2021 Jam.

I'm very new to making unusual effects but I think it turned out pretty alright.



In steam, right click TF2 and hit "Properties..." In the launch options, add "-tools -console"

Now, launch TF2 and the tools editor should be open. Select Tools -> Particle Editor, then File -> Open... and navigate to the unusual effect.

Select "unusual_blizzard_" from the list on the left. Go down to the bottom-center and locate the particle name. Remove the trailing underscore.

Hit F10 and then F11 to switch back to the main game. In the console type "map itemtest" and wait. Once the game has started up join a team and type "itemtest" into the console.

From the itemtest menu, select a class and a headwear. Under the unusual effects, select "Blizzardy Storm" and then hit "Apply Test Items"

There should now be a bot with the hat you chose and the custom unusual effect.
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