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Houndpits A6

An abandoned distillery converted into a mechanical dog fighting arena.

  1. A6 Now There's Two Of Them

    The first version outside of the 72hr jam, Alpha 6 splits the one capture point that was in the center of the map into two. One located outside the main building in the Harbor the second next to a cliff in the "Crown" area.


    Full Change Log:
    - The original capture point in the center of the map was removed and replaced with two capture zones both on separate timers to encourage players to move around the map.
    - The time between being able to capture has is now a random value between 15 and 25 seconds.
    - The time where capture zones are open are set to a static 32 seconds
    - A short 10 second timer starts at the beginning of a game to compensate for players leaving spawn
    - The money dropped when players die is now a small pile, not a medium

    - Various detailing mostly around the middle of the map
    - The ramps leading the Harbor capture area were widened
    - Changed the fences on the sand piles to open up the area a bit more

    - Added a small building adjacent to the cliff in the Crown area with a small ammo and health packs
    - Added a small porch area in front of the new crown building which has a medium health pack
    - Removed some cover around the new capture zone

    - Shifted player respawns to be in the middle of the area to allow for quicker access to Crown and the main courtyard
    - Added a small custom texture to detail the map objectives

    - Added a missing clip brush in the middle of the map
    - Fixed an error where capturing money wouldn't reward Red with any points


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