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Houndpits A6

An abandoned distillery converted into a mechanical dog fighting arena.

  1. A5 Whiskey and Cigars

    I want to give thanks to everyone who helped test this map and a thank you to all who gave feedback while playtesting. Playing this map in the imps was always a blast, with the exception of the koth version. My deepest apologies to the brave souls who played that. Thanks everyone, this Jam was a blast and I look forward to the one in the winter!

    A5 gives Houndpits a good visual overhaul, no longer does the map look depressing gray, now it looks a little bit over saturated.

    - The maximum amount of points needed to capture is now 85 (3 points per players with a base of 13)
    - The wait timer on the capture zone has been increased to 35 seconds, previously 30 seconds

    - The dark sky has cleared to reveal "sky_well_01", a truly beautiful sight
    - Visual overhaul in both lighting and texture usage mostly around the center of the map
    - When the capture zone deactivates the doors open much slower, preventing some cheap deaths
    - Players now spawn in the center of their spawn room instead of being directly in front of the harbor exit
    - Placed a func_nobuild over all the water in the harbor area of the map
    - Added some streetlight/spotlights around and in the "Crown" area

    - More skybox clipping errors
    - Increased the texture scale of the dirt around the capture zone
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