Houndpits A6

An abandoned distillery converted into a mechanical dog fighting arena.

  1. A4 Pit 2.0

    The major feature in A4 is that the capture zone's default "no-cap" state is a open sewer drain which is covered by sliding doors when capping is allowed.

    - Added a door system to capture zone which opens when capping is not available
    - Reduced the wait timer on the capture zone
    - Added a no-build to the capture zone
    - Reduced sightlines from the harbor area into the main building
    - Added a small window where a previous ledge used to be above the capture zone
    - Trimmed down some brushes to allow easier movement in the boiler hallway
    - Made the shutter door that connects the main building to "Crown" a grate door to encourage more usage
    - Added some bits and bobs of detailing around the map

    - Fixed more but made more skybox errors
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