Highway A4

A simple little koth map

  1. More Mid Changes

    Lem Mem
    - Updated Side routes to be buildings
    - Added new Flank route to get behind the enemy
    - New clipping for crates at mid
    - Crates at mid doubled
    - Various Bugfixes.
  2. Mid Changes

    Lem Mem
    - Reworked flank routes to mid
    - Fixed some weird clipping near spawn
    - Many major bug fixes
    - Added cubemaps/soundscapes for increased immersion.
  3. Major Layout changes

    Lem Mem
    - Made the entire map not a deathpit (Much to the despair of pyros)
    - Closed up some nasty sniper sighlines
    - Added a sign to make deahtpit more obvious
    - Extended map out