Highway A4

A simple little koth map

  1. Lem Mem
    A simple little KOTH map I put together in a day. It's a little small, but I think it'll play well. Of course, I thought slipgate would play well, and we all know what happened then. Hoping to get this one to Valve standard at one some point. Nothing special. I like the little high ground route, and I don't think there are any major sniper sightlines. 20201124163521_1.jpg 20201124163526_1.jpg 20201124163537_1.jpg 20201124163545_1.jpg 20201124163552_1.jpg 20201124163459_1.jpg 20201119111312_1.jpg 20201119111323_1.jpg 20201119111330_1.jpg 20201119111333_1.jpg

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