Highrise a4

Kill each other and burn skulls to power some generator thing

  1. Fixes and stuff

    • Everything in the above post, plus some other stuff probably
  2. The "I forgot to build cubemaps" update

    • I forgot to build cubemaps
  3. The "I repacked it" update

    • Repacked
  4. The "I forgot to repack it" update

    Had probably the greatest playtest I've ever had yesterday, shoutouts to everyone who played a2 yesterday. Anyway, an update.

    • Added bad voice acting
    • Changed glass in tunnels
    • Added medium healthpack at near-cliff-building-place
    • Added ammo to both teams spawn yards
    • jimijam
    • Widened up some entrances in the middle...
  5. Various stuff


    • Added barrier to underground
    • Added indication to furnaces and when they're going to extinguish
    • Added building thing
    • Added dirt thing
    • Thing