Hellpit b3

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Hellpit b3

You've been to hell and back and back again. Now we're just staying there.

King of the HELL, Hellpit.
Welcome back to Hell.

King of the Hill (Hell), Hellpit is a small map set in an unfortunate ring of hell. Kind of crappy, yea? Fight over the altar for your ticket home... or is it? Being an evil soul, whoever decided to run the underworld today thought it would be fun to realign the black hole hell portal so that it sucks players up into the next ring of Hell. Whats in the next inner ring of Hell? A go kart track, of course! Carefully drive your way through this perilous course, if you succeed, return to the previous ring of hell an immortal god!*

*Limited time only. Not offered in all locations. Please check your local Hellmart(TM) for more details. Void where prohibited. No purchase necessary. May cause sweating, dehydration, loss of appetite, rashes, or a burning sensation on the feet. In some rare cases, death was reported. Check with your doctor to see if you are ready for immortality.

Special thanks to Fission Metroid for the Hell-portal particle effects!
Fruity Snacks
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King of the Hill

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  1. Welcome back to Hell

    updated Aesthetics. Changed mid so it was a dash more open. Fixed going into the Hell-track(TM) Added Health and Ammo Pickups. Made it a dash easier to see which territory you were in. Things are orange now. Added black hole particles. (Thanks...