Heart of the Oak b13

a somewhat unconventional 5 control point level

  1. minor layout changes

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    - updated layout near initial spawn and A capture point
    - updated layout approaching B capture point
    - changed cellar door to open/close once B is captured
    - added a few ammo packs
    - fixed a few clipping issues
    - updated skybox
  2. updates...

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    - reworked layout at last checkpoint
    - reworked layout at mid
    - added a few models
    - fixed a few clipping issues
    - improved performance
    - added more arrow-decals
    - updated a few textures
  3. minor asset update

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    -fixed a few clipping issues
    -added some new props
    -fixed some displace issues
    -added lods to some models
    -updated lighting
  4. minor fixes

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    - fixed crash in noclip
    - adjusted cap times
    - removed spawn time pentalty/boost on cap
    - tweaked lighting, more even colors, wee more contrast
    - some optimization
    - a few texture tweaks
    - fixed a few clipping issues
    - fixed a few zfight bugs
  5. some optimization and other stuff

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    - updated captimes to 3, 8 and 10 seconds
    - removed spawtime penalty/boost for capping
    - some general optimization
    - added some details
    - improved movement with clips
    - added some decals for pickups
  6. updated from various feedback

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    - tweaked cap times
    - changed door width from 128 to 192 units or wider
    - updated narrow corridors to 256 units or wider
    - minor optimization mid
    - clipping improvements
    - updated skybox

    thanks to everyone thats been giving feedback, including the good folks at teamfortress.tv!
  7. clipping and minor tweaks

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    - added clips to doors and other odd places
    - tweaked cap times
    - added some props
    - added some detail brushwork
    - added some decals
    - made spawndoors open faster
    - added soundscapes
    - added dustmotes
  8. heart of the oak...

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    - updated layout near fina
    - added small health in drop room
    - added some textures
    - added some models
    - tweaked the light
    - changed name of the map
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  9. minor layout updates and some new props

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    - increased width of all entrances going into mid
    - minor layout updates second
    - minor layout updates last
    - minor updates to item placement
    - added some skybox models
    - updated brushwork
  10. b1 update - a bunch of minor things

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    beta 1 update,

    - minor updates to layout last
    - minor updates to layout mid
    - minor updates to layout 2nd
    - increased capture zone mid
    - increased height of doors at last (noticed a lot of scouts gettin stuck)
    - added textures to brushes (wip)
    - added some props (wip)
    - added experimental doors second/third forwards spawn (you will get pushed up, might be shit or just annoying...if so fb and it will be reverted back)

    please gf of style, setting, feeling...I have no idea what I'm doing...