Hat Factory 55

A 3 stage payload that is themed as a whimsical factory where the Mann Co makes hats

  1. update 55

    adjusted soundscapes.
    rebuilt some of the area around the 2nd point. the intent was to enable red to fight back a bit more.
    adjusted various sight lines being abused by snipers.
    closed over several rooms that were never in play during play tests.
    simplified the announcement system.
    simplified the 2nd point as well, no more teleportation on top of the heavy's head. that was too much for some folks.
    reduced the time given at the first 2 points.
    removed a sub point.
    added a few more...
  2. Polish and lighting

  3. Version 52

    I chopped off the last stage.

    bravo point got a bunch of space added to it. feels more defensible.

    Polished a ton.

    the end goal is now a hat vault thats in the belly of one of the giant heavys... that opens to show off a unique interior. there is 4 different interiors, it picks one at random just before it opens.

    The 2nd blue spawn was polished up as a machine shop with a giant heavy hand being repaired.

    red spawn has a submarine mech in it.

    trimmed down the voice overs
  4. Polish and repacking

    Version 51

    Immediate shout out to Egan from TF2Maps for his feedback.

    He taught me the repack bsp command and reduced the bsp to a 1/3. That's saving the planet really.

    He also gave me some thoughts on how to polish up some of the map. Blue's first spawn is noticabley different now.

    The Blue Spawn death pit is more of a crate eater now, finally. And you really have to try to fall in.

    There's a new sign in there too. Yes, i squeezed another in.
  5. Version 50: a new blue spawn, polish and stuffs.

    Version 50.... The layout from version 48 survives!

    - added a new spawn for blue that opens up after they cap checkpoint alpha
    - added and fixed teleports for the spawns.. it's supposed to teleport any left to the forward spawn
    - since the layout didnt change as much, i detailed a bunch
    - i lied the layout did change some. stage 2 area, the arena like area, has several rooms and paths closed up.
    - more half life 1 announcer voices all the way thru. it'll nag you every 2-3 mins to push the...
  6. The Tunnel Of Love Update

    New version of the map. last two stages cut and rebuilt.

    last stage has a tunnel of love... you'll know it when you see it.
  7. Optimizations and design changes and more.

    I've continued to polish the first two stages of the map: both in decoration as well as getting the spaces tuned properly. [or trying to]

    The map now has new voiceovers that i cobbled together from half-life once annoucer vocabulary.. The VOX.

    The Stage B has been redesigned. The robot arm has been removed and a new teleport system has been installed. This allowed me to revisit the timing here and was able to tighten it up quite a bit.

    New hat fx have been sprinkled through the first...
  8. Polish and optimization and signs and crystals.

    - Made a 2nd pass at the cart inspector giant arm animations. The cart is now launched into space but catches it just before the bomb hits the ground.

    - added several new signs to help with some of the secrets in the map.

    - added some crystals from the moon set to continue my pillage of those assets

    - rebuilt all the steel framing in the mines as models. this saveg 3 megs on the BSP size.

    - performance should be a little better over all.
  9. Bug fixes

    Fixed the disabled spawn points in blue's first spawn room.
    Fixed the teleports in the dock pipe after the 2nd intermission point.
    Added Red spawn points to the last Red spawn room.
    Added a secret room/door next to the final point that opens after the map is won.
  10. The version is now 40

    I got the new version out.

    This really revamps the whole map. I was unhappy with sections and started ripping them out and patch in new crazy stuff.

    Lots of it is rough.. the cart inspector arm is embarrassingly bad. but that's what the next version will work on.