Hat Factory 55

A 3 stage payload that is themed as a whimsical factory where the Mann Co makes hats

  1. update 55

    adjusted soundscapes.
    rebuilt some of the area around the 2nd point. the intent was to enable red to fight back a bit more.
    adjusted various sight lines being abused by snipers.
    closed over several rooms that were never in play during play tests.
    simplified the announcement system.
    simplified the 2nd point as well, no more teleportation on top of the heavy's head. that was too much for some folks.
    reduced the time given at the first 2 points.
    removed a sub point.
    added a few more crates to the last point.
    simplified the texture selection of buildings. it was apparently confusing to people. seizures.

    the map is now 37 megs, which is 25 megs smaller than before.
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