Hamr Online - A map prototyping tool Alpha-Displacements

The in-browser mapping tool.

  1. andonin
    Click "Download Now" to be taken to the hosted project!

    A project I've been working on for a while, and will likely continue to strip down and rebuild as I learn more and find better approaches.

    This tool is an in browser map maker that allows you to draw room outlines and building blue prints then automatically generate geometry and entities and export them to a VMF.
    Features I will eventually include:
    • Complete Geometry Generation
    • Objective Objects
    • Lighting Generation
    • Displacement Generation
    • Detail Generation
    • More procedural tools!

    To Use:
    1. Open the hosted link.
    2. Ensure Adblock is off (it breaks saving and loading, there are no ads.)
    3. Make sure Hardware Acceleration / webGL is enabled for your browser.
    The UI starts with a world, which you can add buildings to.
    Buildings are composed of:
    • Floors (the outer wall)
    • Rooms (inner areas)
    • Portals (windows/doors)
    Floors and Rooms have a drag-able border that you add/delete points to with the add / remove tools.



    Left click: edit / drag
    Middle click: select
    WASD: fly around
    Arrow Keys: look around
    Scroll: fly forward and back

    You can also select from the hierarchy on the right


    To Save:
    1. Click Save
    2. Right click the newly opened tab
    3. Click "Save As"
    4. Save like you would any file
    To Export:
    1. Click Save
    2. Right click the newly opened tab
    3. Click "Save As"
    4. Open the file in Hammer

    Feedback on the interface itself as well as desired features are fully welcomed.

    Currently I am working on:
    • Stairs optimization
    • Ramp / Stair / Catwalk Ramp Trichotomy
    • Building Foundation
    • Building Overhangs
    • Roofs
    Known Bugs:
    • platform vertex editor widgets are uncolored
    • ramps have wonky texture orientation
    • some unexposed surfaces are not no-clipped
    • doors can create leaks if taller than a connected room
    editor.png preview_A.png preview_B.png hammer.png
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    Version: Alpha-Displacements
    Seems like it's a good start. Could definitely be useful sometimes, if you wanted to work on hammer on a school computer or something
  2. Piezo_
    Version: Alpha-Displacements
    If there's a chance in hell of making a universal, Linux-supporting hammer client, I believe this has a shot at it.
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    Version: Alpha-00
    makes map making so much easier
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    Cynder loves Portal
    Version: Alpha-00
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    Version: pre-Alpha-009
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    Version: pre_alpha_005
    Amazing tool and Im hoping that it could be a new hammer for us all when it will be finished