Hadal b13a

A collaborative map between Jusa and Fubar

  1. b13a

    -removed invisible geometry
    -other small visual issues

    **saving other feedback for later**
  2. b13

    -longer final point capture time
    -modeled last point platform
    -modeled spawn submarine
    -artpassed B to C connector
    -added soundscapes
    -reworked skybox
    -updated overview map
    -various aesthetic tweaks
  3. b12

    -redesigned area connecting B to C
    -combined 2 paths leading from E into B to C connector
    -removed one path leading into upper area at E
    -redimensioned the area around E to be larger
    -many areas surrounding E have been slightly lowered to avoid unneeded height differences
    -more blue spawn detailing
    -detailing for A to B connector
  4. b11

    -redesigned red spawn
    -redesigned blu spawn
    -redesigned A>B connector
    -redesigned A control point
  5. b9a

    -fixed clipping issues
    -reworked lighting in A to C connector
  6. b9

    -fixed stopwatch timer
  7. b8

    -fixed minor b7 issues
    -more detailing of D
    -refined lighting on B>C
  8. b7

    -redesigned A to C connector
    -one way doors have been replaced with one way drops
    -reworked B to C connector to make the geometry read better
    -added color coded hud icons for each control points
    -new pipe models
    -new arrow materials
    -new spawn doors with blocked signs
  9. b6

    -streamlined the connector between B and C
    -new C artpass
  10. b5a

    -fixed blu spawn door opening during setup time