Gutters REMADE

Gutters REMADE 2015-09-13

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Gutters REMADE 2015-09-13

Recreation of props_farm/gutter_x models.

Let's face it, the original gutter models are a mess to work with. You gotta go on a 1x1 grid size to nudge one of them by one unit, the next one by three, and so on. Also, the texture looks kinda ugly with all these lines everywhere.
So I just redid the whole set. End of story.
  • Recreated in Blender. The model pieces now line up better.
  • Increased tricount. Vertexlighting now looks better.
  • Repositioned origins. 8x8 grid is all you need now.
  • New texture. Looks better and you can replace it with your own without having to worry about the AO bake. No idea why you would do that tho.
Install by placing the 'materials' and 'models' folders into the 'tf/' folder.
Alternativly, but not recommended, you can place the 'remade gutters' folder into 'tf/custom/'.
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