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Grinch a1a

..and the merc's hitbox grew 3 sizes that day! (Made for TFConnect)

It's been a while, so I decided I should start trying to catch up

Made for the current Smissmas themed TFcontest, using the tree model as the flag. I'm starting to notice a trend with my ctf maps; I made a Romeo and Juliet theme map that used poison bottles as flags. maybe a fluke.

~~~~ Tale behind the Trains ~~~~

Two rival Robber barons, owning a high end train station each, are conspicuously close to each other. While they've monopolized the train industry in every other part of the world, they lose millions of dollars every day, paying their rival just to leave this one snowy chasm.

After a bizarrely long argument with the local two (Self Proclaimed) "emperors of gravel," on the very real train fuel properties of gravel, the two train lords decide a truce between their companies is in order; but only for the holiday. The power of a smissmas miracle is truly remakrable.

They mysteriously disappear without a trace.

Meanwhile, an irritated Redmon and Blutarch make a quick stake to the "Rail Engine Depot" and "Bridge Line Union" Stations respectably. When asked about this spontaneous buyout, the brothers simply grumbled something about the shape of gravel and coal being similar. No further comment was given.

While settling into their new facing train stations, each brother noticed something green, pine-y, and wrapped with lights in the corner of the other brother's building. They both had placed a smissasmas tree - one greatly appreciated by their paid mercs.

THIS was an INSULT, placed right in each brother's nose. 'Obviously, this is a message,' thought both brothers, simultaneously, 'He's still upset I stole his smissmas presents every year. I can't believe he would be so childish!'

Neither brother was aware the other brother had done the same every winter's eve, as Zepheniah switched their gifts before they could do so in the first place. This was the only thing Zepheniah found ammusing before his eventual death to 'convenience disease."

Regardless, this was unacceptable. Those trees can NOT stay up any longer.
To everyone's surprise, the Mann brothers send their lead-poisoned Mercenaries to steal Smissmass trees.

They get paid hundreds of dollars.
to steal trees.

Honestly jealous of this, and I made it up myself.

Please ignore some jankiness, I'm still taking criticism of course, but I'm aware some parts might be rushed or just... bad. I'm still not the best at optimization, and this project started to bleed into more and more of my time. If anyone has tips on optimization or anything else I'm still willing to hear it, I'd love to learn!

Credits to:
Zeus - Smissmas goodies
Fgd5 - Vehicle models (more will be added as map develops)
Assorted Vehicle pack - Assorted Authors.
Alaxe - The infamous TFconnect Smissmas Tree
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  1. Packed Differently

    Repacked the map using VIDE instead of compilepal, so should most likely be fixed. If it still did not fully pack, I'd appreciate someone telling me. Added: Special thanks to @Gamer_X for the help on the tree flag logic, the tree should now be...