Medieval Merlin a5

Travel up the Spiraling Castle to Conquer the land!

    Those Mercenaries are at it again! Destroying property and Eating ham, all in the name to beat the other! Travel from your spiraling castle to the next, all in good fun of course!

    Hello all! Mappers note here:
    This is a very early map testing some ideas. I kept it as WIP as I could because I know I'll have to rework. A lot.

    I kind of had the Idea to make this map multistage, but the way its going, this might be able to stand on its own. Please tell me if you agree :))

    And I know I'll be asked this a lot so I'll get it out of the way:
    A: Yes its medieval.
    A: What do you mean why? I just made it medieval so its medieval!
    A: No. I don't intend to make a non medieval version (??)

    With that out of the way, I genuinely hope you can have fun on this map!!


    1. cp_merlin_a40005.jpg
    2. cp_merlin_a40000.jpg
    3. cp_merlin_a40001.jpg
    4. cp_merlin_a40002.jpg
    5. cp_merlin_a40004.jpg
    6. cp_merlin_a40003.jpg
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