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Gravity Station A11

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Gravity Station A11

Mountainside railroad attack/defense map featuring a missile silo and lot of ways to fall to your de

My first ever map - fully functional!

Three control points in an alpine setting. The first stage proceeds from blue spawn on the teetering edge of a cliff, across railyards, through tunnels and over rooftops to the mouth of a large rail tunnel, and next to it a radio tower which contains the first point.

On the other side of the tunnel, a wide bridge crosses the massive chasm between two mountains, with a lethal drop and a low ground flank route below. The second point is a loading dock harboring trainloads of ballistic missiles outside a mysterious mountain base buried in the snow. The defenders are pushed back to spawn further inside their mountain base once the first point is capped.

As the attackers capture the second point, their spawn moves forward and the fighting proceeds into a vast missile silo full of wide open spaces and balconies for rocket jumping and tight, winding corridors for CQC ambushes and flanking scouts and spies, and tactical high ground locations with an unusual spawnroom dynamic.

Buried deep in the back of the missile silo is the command center, and the final point. There's a degree of detailing - pine forests outside the playable area, a train crash in the snowdrift below and a hidden mountain overlook replete with giant missile launchers.

The map is large, but with plenty of cover and close quarters areas for short range classes to shine. Strategically placed obstacles prevent snipers from dominating.

I'm definitely looking to make changes, and to polish things a lot more. I'm looking forward to seeing it played, and already had one friend give some advice and try to break the map - leading me to fix a lighting issue, an issue with the hurtbox that allowed players to access unintended areas, and place more signs to make it clear to both teams how to get to each point, from each spawnroom.
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Latest updates

  1. Displacements, snowdrifts, soundscapes and fog

    Eventually well polished and decorated, I think this map is almost ready to be considered in beta. It's looking much better now, with good lighting and gameplay space and lots of aesthetic improvements. The snowdrifts look awesome now!
  2. A6 Version

    Greatly improved gameplay space and aesthetics, and a new intermediate spawnroom for blu to make pushing 2nd easier. Lots of new cover, fixed a few broken spots/sightlines, and clipped out most roofs. New displacements, and new features adorning...
  3. A3 version

    Better map design with more cover and more displacement geometry, better views and a different skybox.