Geomance rc1

Made by evicted

  1. evicted
    A standard 5CP map based around the company "Geomance Engineering." The map incorporates a custom geothermal factory theme.

    Custom sounds were taken from Portal 2.
    All other custom content, including models, materials, and animations, were created by me.


    1. 459539056_preview_06_topdown.jpg
    2. 459539056_preview_geomance_01.png
    3. 459539056_preview_geomance_02.png
    4. 459539056_preview_geomance_03.png
    5. 459539056_preview_geomance_04.png
    6. 459539056_preview_geomance_05.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Malachite Man
    Malachite Man
    Version: rc1
    Good detailing good map design and layout