Gentlemousetrap 1.0

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Gentlemousetrap 1.0

Made by Seba

Mann Co. Gentlemousetrap

Item #3947


Gentlemice are a growing problem on this planet we call Earth, and everyone knows that. Mann Co.-sponsored independent research has shown that as many as 8.4 per 10 homes in North America have a gentlerodent problem. These snobby mice are known to be incredibly vengeful and, to avenge the humans' mistreatment of their ancestors, are after our greatest natural resource: hats. They are too arrogant to eat standard Mann Co. Simulation Cheese and are too smart to be fooled by any mousetrap on the market but the Mann Co. Gentlemousetrap. This seemingly-normal mousetrap features a highly-advanced tiny hat which uses the science of eating to keep a gentlemouse busy while the hardened steel spring trap crushes the animal's spine to fine dust. So if you live in one of the 8.4 per 10 endangered houses, don't hesitate one picosecond: order your Mann Co. Mousetraps today.

For a limited time, the Poor Mickey version is absolutely free (just pay $13.49 in customary gratuities) with your order of any Gentlemousetrap set!
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