Evil Lair Accessories

Evil Lair Accessories 1.0

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Evil Lair Accessories 1.0

Made by Seba


Mann Co. Evil Lair Accessories

Items #4113, 4, 5, 6


Evil lairs. Everybody wants one, less people can afford one, and even less are evil enough to dare construct a true one. If you belong to the former two groups, leave this website immediately, as these accessories are not for babies like you. If you belong to the latter, continue reading. So you've got a lair - it's nestled on the edge of Vesuvius, buried under Uluru, or maybe sunken deep in the Mariana Trench. You've got henchmen, some nuclear devices, a giant laser or two, and a target like, say, a seemingly innocent gravel pit. But wait: how will you plan out your attack? The answer is simple: with the Mann Co. Evil Lair Accessories. This stylish four-pack of evil includes an oversized world map desk to find out where the hell Liechtenstein is so you can giant laser the crap out of it; a miniature rocket model to mark your secret silos covertly built into mountains; a miniature tank model to plan your steamrolls across granaries; and a miniature oil derrick to determine which basins to push an explosive-laden kart into in order to prospect oil. All accessories come in red and blue - please specify which corrupt multinational corporation is currently paying you more while ordering.
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