Gallows B1b

A preserved english hamlet in a valley.

  1. Version B1b

    - Altered some custom textures.
    - Fixed missing light entity on red side.
    - Removed detail sprites poking through floors.
  2. Version B1: We're in Beta!

    - Mapwide changes from dev textures to proper textures, including some custom textures.
    - Changed many ramps across map to staircases.
    - Changed textures of wooden boards and roof trims.
    - More props and overlays across map, as well as prop alterations.
    - Removed collisions from roof overhangs.
    - Changed colours of bells.
    - Fixed not being able to change classes in spawn.
    - Changed some lighting.
    - Added detail sprites.
  3. Version A8

    - Completely redone roofs across the whole map.
    - Altered architecture of all buildings to allow for new roofs.
  4. Version A7

    - Changed all metal sheets to brush-based wooden boards.
    - Redid ramp by dropdown up to wall bordering point.
    - Generally changed props to better fit theme.
    - Added trim to building next to spawn.
    - Added team name signs on front wall of spawn buildings (to hide door clipping thru wall).
    - Removed upwards arrow signs in spawn courtyards.
    - Added sewer end cap props.
    - Swapped positions of medium health and small ammo on rooftops next to point.
    - Slightly lowered lights throughout sewer pipes...
  5. Version A6

    - Added dropdowns into sewers next to point, plus ramp up over wall surrounding point.
    - Redid some ground displacements due to above change.
    - Steampipes now launch players onto nearby rooftop rather than point.
    - Added supports in tunnels.
    - Moved pickups next to clocktowers 16 units forward.
    - More clipping and clipping improvements, plus removal of perch points.
    - Adjusted textures on gallows and surrounding walls.
    - Additional signage.
    - Changed properties of shadow_control slightly.
  6. Version A5

    - Returned access to sewer pipes.
    - Removed lip on sides of sewer pipes.
    - Steampipes now launch the player towards the point rather than straight upwards.
    - Redid displacement surrounding first turnoff from sewer pipe.
    - Clipping improvements.
  7. Version A4

    - TEMPORARY(?): Testing how the map plays without access to most of the sewer pipe areas.
    - Increased height of capture area.
    - Reduced angle of bell sway.
    - Hopefully fixed visual glitch in wall bordering blu spawn courtyard.
    - Improvements to existing clipping.
    - Clipped edge of capture zone.
    - Attempts at cleaning up portal file.
  8. Version A3b

    - Bells now sway upon their associated team capturing the control point.
  9. Version A3

    - Reduced capture time.
    - Added belltower for each team. In future the appropriate bell will visibly ring upon its team capturing the point, to accompany the capture sound.
    - Efforts to make pickup locations more obvious.
    - Hazard tape to indicate capture area.
    - Sound played from each steampipe when a player leaves it.
    - Changed spectator camera positions.
    - Small change in architecture of bank of sewer central.
    - Fixed more crates without collisions.
    - Some more clipping around props.
  10. Version A2b

    - Grates in central sewer to block sightlines.
    - Fixed crates without collisions.
    - More clipping for smoothing.
    - Slight changes to displacement painting.