Fissure Town 2020-05-15

A mining town built in the bottom of a ravine, with teams fighting over a supply lift.

  1. theWILLtofight
    Getting back into mapping after not touching it at all since 2015. This is a smaller map set in the bottom of a ravine, where the capture point is on a suspended platform over a death pit. I really like how its turning out so far, especially for what's technically my first map since the stuff i made in 2015 never really got off the ground.


    1. koth_fissure_town_a20000.png
    2. koth_fissure_town_a20001.png
    3. koth_fissure_town_a20002.png
    4. koth_fissure_town_a20004.png
    5. fissure town 6.PNG
    6. fissure town 7.PNG
    7. fissure town 8.PNG