First unnamed map. A1

Koth first map.

  1. Toaste
    My first koth map that has a factory for the spawns, and a mountains separating the spawn from the point. Along with flanking tunnels, and a sniping spot on the mountain side.

    Constructive criticism would be highly appreciated. Thanks for reading.

    (Ps. Not going to update/upload anything, because of my lack of experience as of right now.)

    20160529212845_1.jpg 20160529212906_1.jpg 20160529212921_1.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Three Million
    Three Million
    Version: A1
    Pretty good for a first map, though there are a few minor gameplay mechanics that would need to be worked out. Which is why I gave it a 3 out of 5. While it isn't the worst "my first map" I have seen, I feel that the mechanics are pretty much the only thing holding this map back. Aside from aesthetics, but that is minor. The layout isn't that bad, I was able to figure everything out right away. I wish I could submit screen caps or a video of sorts to point out a few things, as there is no option to on this map submission page.