Fever b2

By Randdalf

  1. Randdalf


    So, new KOTH map from me, hopefully it's not too small, but it's definately not as big as viaduct [​IMG]

    13/05/10 Statement
    So I finally uploaded a working version of Fever, I mean, it's definately not a brilliant map, but people wanted it, so they get it. There are a few downsides:
    - Poor skybox optimisation (you can see inside one building from the outside from a certain angle)
    - Rubbish 3D skybox (I can never get the fog right, and the forest abruptly ends at the start of the skybox - I aim to improve this).


    1. koth_fever_b10006.jpg
    2. koth_fever_b10007.jpg
    3. koth_fever_b10008.jpg