Factoryline a7c

Refining metal, to be used for trading

  1. a7c Playtested

    After the playtest the following problems were given as feedback and need to be fixed.

    Bigger Problems are


    Problem : Because it is to easy to forward hold the point becomes hard to capture.

    Proposed change: Make atual rooms in the buildings next to the point, with less pickups.

    ShutterDoor to Point

    Problem: Door placed to prevent a major sightline, but also all visibility to the point.

    Proposed change:
    Add a...
  2. 72 Hour Jam end product

    Alfa is as good as done now, I hope to not change much more about the layout, expect for adding more props....

    up to the next Jam :D
  3. Complete rework of the map, still want to finish withing the jam :)

    Started reworking the entire map. Got the Mid area done and the logics.......
  4. Factoryline Hits A3


    - Reworked MID buildings.
    - Layout now Mirrored.
    - Added Overlay beneath packs.
    - Shorter Round Time.
    - Made more route's to the point.


    - Add Doors to Mid
    - Do Better Lighting
    - Add the Factory theme (while applying Texture)
    - Playtest
  5. playtest feedback and todo list

    Feedback didnt mention scale, only comment on gameplay area was about the Building to Mid.

    Apperantly missed some connections to the ground, and have a leak somwhere, while Hammer does not indicate one.

    Got mixed feedback about the MID area and how the buildings arround are located, espescially since attacking players come from one general direction.


    - Make all the walls touch floors / Rework MID buildings in general
    - Patch up holes in walls
    - Add cover to Mid / rework point
  6. External Download addad

    Added a Download