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Facility [FORGOTTEN]

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So, this had some theming changes and I hope y'all enjoy.
-Made a larger drop area connecting to that random dip
-Made some of BLU more dirty
-Made some of RED more clean and modern
-Completely removed the roof on the point
-Raised up the point area slightly
-Made the planters taller
-Replaced the two of the metal lumps with grass spots
-Changed the door to the point roof into a window
-Made the stairs onto a roof go further down to compensate for the lack of a metal lump
Hey guys, I've got Beta 7B. Just some small changes.
-Fixed some smoothing clipping not working right
-Fixed a bug where nodraws were overlapping with a legit brush
-Flipped a barrel I was somehow too stupid to notice wasn't on both sides
-Made spec cameras more consistent by removing some and adding others
-Changed some weird looking doorways
-Nodraw'd some sides that are invisible from the player
-Put some smoothing clipping on props
-Fixed an exploit to get out of the map
So, this was going to be Beta 6B, but then I added stairs to a roof, which could totally change gameplay.
-Added stairs to the roof w/ a small health
-Fixed a really stupid issue with overlapping brushes
-Changed the ramp thingies' slopes to fit the stairs on them
-Changed some textures to fit better
-Raised the skybox a bit
-Did some optimization
-Made some easter eggs for you to find
-Got rid of some props
Well, I spent a long time working on this. I hope it'll be nice. I, unfortunately, I don't remember everything I did. I remember (hopefully) most, though.
-Added a bunch of pillar things
-Fixed the weird looking wall w/ a metal roof/wall, but the other visible wall was concrete
-Added a couple of varying height stuff
-Made the floor of the point into glass
-Got rid of that one "tunnel" in the battlements roof by connecting the wall
-Made the battlements roof look nicer
-Optimized the map more
-Changed all the tiled outdoor concrete to the non-tiled concrete
-Added a neat "storage" area under the point
-Put a doorway in the "underground" room for slightly more sightlines and not being forced to give up high ground to pass
-Changed the white metal textures to dark grey metal
-Put railings on the point roof
-Gave indoor areas floors
-Hopefully made the point cap zone more visible
-Changed some textures to metal for more a TF2-like feel and more realism (nobody has 50,000 sq. ft. of concrete)
-Moved some spectator cameras to give an actual view
-Raised the skybox by 64hu
-Removed the metal panels on the point roof
-Made the doors to the tiny buildings bigger
-Put metal fences on the walls to surround the map.
-Made the walls on BLU and RED side have neat metal textures lining the bottom
-Improved clipping
-Fixed some overlays not appearing
-Did another artpass for some de-squaring of detailing (hopefully)
-Made the metal floor things taller and larger
-Hopefully fixed a weird issue w/ cap cubemaps
-Reduced the numportal count by 700 (not to your computer's detriment)
Yay, we're at Beta 5! This map has gone so far, and it's been an awesome experience. Here's to the hope this map will get even better! Also, there were a TON of changes in this update.
-Changed the texture on the battlements walls to a metal texture.
-Fixed a weird accidental texture
-Added dump trucks by the spawns to attribute to the theme/fill up the awkward space
-Got rid of a slightly confusing overlay
-Fixed the scaling on some of the overlays
-Added some arrow overlays for more movement direction
-Added a metal border to the "underground" access building.
-Made the brick textures by the spawns to their team-coloured variations.
-Changed the blueish bricks by the small health roof to a completely different texture.
-Fixed some odd looking textures in doorways
-Optimized the skybox a bit more
-Added more hint brushes
-Added a little Easter egg on BLU side
-Fixed an issue with an indoor playerclip
-Added some more playerclips for less getting stuck on small brushes
-Changed the roof textures near RED spawn to a slightly redder colour.
-Fixed some misaligned textures
-Fixed an odd-looking texture
-Put a closed metal slide door by the new dump trucks
-Fixed a bug with some lighting
-Made some diagonal corner textures different to break up the textures a tad
-Added two more signs for directing players to the point
-Made a ton of random textures in spots that are non-visible to the player into nodraw
-Fixed a odd-looking stretched texture
-Changed some textures on walls to break up the textures a bit
-Added even more aesthetic overlays
So this map is going strong. I really like how it's ending up so far, and we're now in Beta 4!
-Removed some clutter on the point roof
-Switched all the white brick textures outside from indoor textures to actual outdoor textures (Thanks, Yaba!)
-(Hopefully) fixed the weirdness of the indoor lighting
-Changed the textures on the two buildings next to the point
-Added some overlays for gameplay
-Removed the Caution tape on the capture zone borders.
-A differing texture is used to indicate borders, in the tape's place.
-Replaced the metal sheet prop by the tiny buildings with small walls.
-Added some more control point signs
-Added misc. overlays
-Turned one wall into metal to try and break up the textures a bit for variety
-Put in a neat grass displacement around the point!
-Did some clipping


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So, I was going to make this into Beta 2B, but I made some changes that would change the gameplay pretty drastically, so it's Beta 3 now.
-Replaced some more dev textures
-Changed the two small health packs on the battlements into ammo packs
-Put light props
-Made the shiny floors less shiny
-Thinned out the metal platforms to get to the battlements
-Changed a medium health pack to small.
-Did a bit of optimization for shorter compile times
-Aligned some textures
-Fixed missing patches under health/ammo
-Moved the inner battlements wall forward and squished it a little.
So, not much gameplay-wise changed, but now it's (mostly) filled with non-dev textures!
-Added cover on the point roof
-Replaced most of the dev textures.
-Added railings in some areas.
-Made some fancy stuff in the spawns.
-Made a wall over the tiny buildings, so Soldiers can't spam at the route it covers.
Hooray! I think the map is strong, and now we're gonna go into beta!
-Made the battlements roof into it's own room
-Made it so you can't go above the connector
-Added a bit of "cover" on the small health roof
-Widened the point roof inward a little
-Did general optimization
-Raised the skybox
-Removed the cover in the battlements
-Started beta (duh)
-Added some clipping
-Changed the look of the connector
-Started repacking for a smaller file size
-Embedded the .nav file
So, this was a neat update
-Changed some building heights
-Added small health to the "lower" route
-Changed some textures to concrete for future reference
-Added barrels on top of the small grey buildings
-Made the small wall on top of the battlements building taller
-Stocked up even more barrels on the battlements room
-Added cover on the side doorway
-Reduced the number of visleaves
-Hopefully fixed the lighting issues
-Started to compile skybox cubemaps