Every Environment

Every Environment 2023-07-14

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-Added: Cashworks, Hardwood, Pelican Peak, Phoenix, Reckoner, Rotunda, Selbyen, Sharkbay, Sulfur, Venice, Distellery, Nucleus, Skirmish, Tiny Rock​
-Updated some skyboxes in the preview to look better​
-Added Team Fortress Classic environments (not sure if this can be useful to anyone)​
-Added: Frostwatch, Frostcliff, Rumford, Frosty, and Coal Pit​
-Fixed sky_stormfront_02 and sky_halloween_night_02 preview (thanks Tumby)​
-Added Pyroland skyboxes (finally found them)​
-Added names to all the shadow_control and fog_controller entities​
-Added: Soul-Mill, Helltrain, Bonesaw, Crasher, Ghoulpit, and Spookeyridge​
-Added: Altitude, Bread Space, Cascade, Chilly, Doublefrost, and Polar​