Every Environment

Every Environment (2022-12-07)

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Every Environment (2022-12-07)

Set the environment of your map in no time!

This is a collection of all the official environments. I'm aware that this was made before, but I think all of them are outdated by now, so this one will be updated with every new map. Also I include the SFM maps.

If there is a mistake, please let me know, I worked with a lot of files and it's easy to make a mistake.

-.vmf of all the maps environments
-.vmt and .vtf of every skybox
-A list with all the skyboxes and the maps that uses it
-Instructions on how to use it​

-Lacry: Everything​
First release
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Latest updates

  1. Smissmas 2022

    Changelog -Added Team Fortress Classic environments (not sure if this can be useful to anyone) -Added: Frostwatch, Frostcliff, Rumford, Frosty, and Coal Pit
  2. Scream Fortress XIV

    Changelog -Fixed sky_stormfront_02 and sky_halloween_night_02 preview (thanks Tumby) -Added Pyroland skyboxes (finally found them) -Added names to all the shadow_control and fog_controller entities -Added: Soul-Mill, Helltrain, Bonesaw, Crasher...
  3. Smissmas 2021

    Changelog -Added: Altitude, Bread Space, Cascade, Chilly, Doublefrost, and Polar

Latest reviews

Very well organized resource to browse for lighting, fog, exposure settings and more. It gives you a nice prepreparation lighting pack to use as a base when you begin a map. Personally, I would have liked fewer individual files to store, but it does what it does to a higher organized standard than what I do in the first place.