Eturnius A2

A map bout Eternal mapping

  1. Moonrat
    Basically, Eturnius! I pulled the name outta my ass!

    Also, 3 Control Point Push! Nyes!

    So, RED had gone and ordered Mann Co. Supplies. Usual, right? Well, it really is. Nothing much but guns, spytech thingies and jibber-jobbers. But, one of RED's employees drives up to their top secret base up on Eturnius Valley, and opens the gate. Then, something is revealed. BLU had built a fully functioning copy of RED's base right across from them, and this poor employee has just found this out. Now, what do you do when your number one competitor has a secret spy base about 50 feet from you?

    You fight for it!

    So, it's time. RED and BLU are yet again quarreling over some secret base in a place nobody goes to, and only one team will win by standing on one of three of the metal saucers for a while!


    1. hl2 2015-09-30 06-00-04-49.png
    2. hl2 2015-09-30 06-00-34-39.png
    3. hl2 2015-09-30 06-01-05-61.png
    4. hl2 2015-09-30 06-01-12-76.png
    5. hl2 2015-09-30 06-01-20-69.png
    6. hl2 2015-09-30 06-01-37-64.png

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