Eturnius A5

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A bit of detailing work

Change Log:
- Displacements, giving the map a bit of color and bumpiness
- A bit of detailing work on RED side
- A tree at mid, bringing the map to RC status
Another update to this map? How about... sure.

- Added a new connector that bypasses mid, and some cover for it
- Shrunk down the MFD zone on the point to just the cap bridge
- Did minor detailing for the point bridge
- Add a bit of outlying area for detail
- Retextured some stuff
- Added a second health kit to the flank area, encouraging players to go there to prepare an assault
This update adds 2 big things, one of them literally....

Change Log:

- Added a new flank route that connects the team's side of the map with Mid
- Changed the gamemode to Arena Respawn, which ironically fits the map name
- Adjusted the lighting to hide both team's Sneaky route in shadow
- Made it so that the spawn doors are deleted after opening
- Textured various parts of the map
In the land of forever, shit changes man!

Add Log
- Added several pieces of cover to block Snipers and Spammers
- Added a new 'sneaky' route that gives you cover and a dark exit, but puts you on the low route

Change Log
- Changed the point from a pit to a raised bridge
- Slightly slimmed the bridge at spawn connecting the Sniper balcony
- Pushed around some of the geometry to accommodate the new structures
- Textured the ground