Eturnius A5

I am in the land of forever, the place where all is eternal

  1. Moonrat
    A new Eturnius, for a new age.

    This version of Eturnius is an Arena Respawn map, meant for teams to converge in a big ass showdown at the center of the map that leaves few survivors. It's a bit flat, but hopefully it leads to interesting play with the bits of height strewn across the map.


    1. hl2 2016-02-29 03-55-17-44.png
    2. hl2 2016-02-29 03-55-27-42.png
    3. hl2 2016-02-29 03-55-34-08.png
    4. hl2 2016-02-29 03-55-47-77.png
    5. hl2 2016-02-29 03-55-55-07.png

Recent Updates

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