Elevator a5

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Elevator a5

Wide area around point. Sniper free tunnel to the point

Quite wide and open koth map. Although it does have smaller areas like the point and tunnel under the point that can be used to get right to the point without sniper harassment. Has some good engineer spots that don't lock whole map and point, but could be used to place teleporter and give team other fast ways to the point.
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. Spawn reworked

    a5: - Spawn reworked. Is a bit farther from point. Spawn should be more comfortable and harder to attack. - Small health and ammo added in window entrance. - Added soundscapes. - Other small fixes.
  2. a4 correct

    There was no a4 download
  3. a4

    a4: -Point building widened. -Cap time increased. -Doors behind point building opened back. -Added sniper nest not far from spawn. That whole area changed. -Area with spawn room in it is smaller. Harder to hide in. -Ramp added from pit to...