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Eerie b3

A halloween koth map

  1. Exactol
    Koth Eerie is a king of the hill map set in a remote location
    Blue and Red are fighting to pull Redmond and Blutarch out of hell.

    A Halloween reskin of Koth Pughead by Bakscratch

    1aDEada.jpg 1bNSf0l.jpg 7ReqaNR.jpg AzklXLS.jpg c6ZI8IK.jpg DMeaAmr.jpg FTh1EXo.jpg NQbmJay.jpg NxkCg6R.jpg swQVGjY.jpg tYGpszq.jpg u6vDWOw.jpg VcdYYS8.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. b3 is out
  2. B2 update is out
  3. Fixed the download