Ductway a5

a new level of viaduct ripoff!

  1. Tunnels and LIghts

    Cole Slaw
    Extended the Tunnels past cap, moved the ammopack there. also added a small HP and new entrance to this area. Also added a ton more lights in places that they were needed. Like on the cap. How did i miss that.
  2. Point Edition

    Cole Slaw
    Added some cover around the point. that's it. This'll probably fix that huge sightline across point.
  3. The Barn Update! Ramps, Rooms, and Crates!

    Cole Slaw
    [!}~Altered the spiral staircase room. That Staircase room has been replaced with a larger "Barn Loft" with a medium ammopack. There's also only 2 ramps instead of a spiral. (thx ExtraCheesyPie, Muddy, TehEpicEngie)

    [!]~Resupply Lockers should work now. (thx DN Sasha)

    [!]~Extended the Destroyed Building so that it is open at both ends, also added a ramp into the building through the new opening. there's also a large healthpack here.

    [!]~Replaced a crouch-jump area with a ramp...