Ductway a5

a new level of viaduct ripoff!

  1. Cole Slaw
    [Current Update (a5)]
    Expanded the Tunnels past cap, moved the ammopack there. also added a small HP and new entrance to this area. Also added a ton more lights in places that they were needed. Like on the cap. How did i miss that.

    [Previous update (a4)]
    [Added cover around the point. this should reduce sightlines down the point.

    [Previous Update (a3)]
    The Long awaited Barn update has arrived! do Barn-related things with Barn-related people!
    [!}~Altered the spiral staircase room. That Staircase room has been replaced with a larger "Barn Loft" with a medium ammopack. There's also only 2 ramps instead of a spiral. (thx ExtraCheesyPie, Muddy, TehEpicEngie)

    [!]~Resupply Lockers should work now. (thx DN Sasha)

    [!]~Extended the Destroyed Building so that it is open at both ends, also added a ramp into the building through the new opening. there's also a large healthpack here.

    [!]~Replaced a crouch-jump area with a ramp near the point. (thx Muddy)

    [-]~Removed tanks from the mid area to reduce crowdedness.

    [+]~Added a large ammopack in a new hut near the Double Door building outside spawn.

    [!]~Replaced the Dropdown outside spawns with a one-way door. (it was stupid anyway)

    [+]~Added a tunnel past the cap to vary gameplay

    [!]~Made the capture point area large. (thx Egan)

    [!]~extended the raised platforms by the point, added ramps and a crouch jump .

    [!]~added a small healthpack near the aformentioned crouch-jump.
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