Drypine RC1

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- Readjusted wave respawn times, when A is capped Red team is force respawned
- Raised upper left spawn exit for Blu to a platform with cover
- Added an additional rock for cover on the cliff ramp by A
- Closed off door at corner of A into Barn connector
- Widened part of one of the corridors in Barn connector
- Moved stairs from lower B>C connector to upper B>C connector from lobby into it's own room, allowing attackers to gain some ground
- Added shack to cliffside B>C connector, widened platform
- Added route from cliffside B>C down into lower garage, allowing attackers a route into C that doesn't flow through lobby
- Changed the covered roof on C from a 1:1 angle to a 2:1 angle for better mobility
- Changed terrain textures from white/orange to dirt/rock
- Adjusted cap times on all points, A and B are now 8 seconds, C is now 6 seconds

The new A point had feedback saying it needed another new flank, but personally I feel like having a main route and an underpass works well. If you manage to sneak under the bridge, you can easily access the barn building between A and B to flank teleporters and what not. I do however feel like the main path of traffic for A > B being the one corner door needed to be changed. I was worried when making A1 that the doorway was too strong but with A point being in the corner at the time, it felt like it was necessary, but now that A point is closer to the big door, I feel okay closing it up and having the underpass into Barn door be the closest route there. This will hopefully encourage more fighting in Barn.


Readjusted wave respawn times, in particular hopefully allowing Red to get to B to defend it before the blue scouts can rush it. When A is capped, Red team is force respawned and any red team inside of their old spawn at teleported closer to the spawn doors to hopefully allow for a reinforced B site.

The lobby in B>C connector was a slaughter for one or two rounds in the A2 playtest. Why wait for the enemy to come to C, when you can keep them at B. Part of this problem was that Blu couldn't really contest the highground that Red had, being that the only routes to the highground were through the very connector being held, or via the cliffside which was easily covered. By moving the stairway into its own room, blu can begin the claim some highground without being seen doing so, and it makes it harder to cover. I also added a path from cliffside down into the garage below, meaning you can bypass lobby and go around under if lobby is too hot. Hopefully this helps prevent stalemates in connector!




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- Redesigned A point, moving it from the back corner onto a new bridge from the large door to the hut
- Added an underpass route from Blu spawn, under A. Also adds new high ground and courtyard
- Shrunk but opened up backside of A hut
- Increased set up time by 10 seconds
- Increased max round time from 6 minutes to 10 minutes
- Added red forward spawn into the connector building between B and C, roughly 10 seconds quicker travel time A for red
- Fixed buggy cap zone on C
- Adjusted upper ramp route on C to wind through a building, removing the sightline from red spawn into connector
- Added new flank for blue, from window room, to the right, out onto the cliff
- Some pickups on B and C rebalanced
- Adjusted staircase at back of C to instead be easier accessed from main courtyard, reducing its defenders favourability
- Adjusted observer cams to better locations