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Dragon's Peak A7

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//Changelog A7

//Forward upgrade station locks during wave, this was done during A6, but I forgot to mention it, whoops! (and now, hopefully it properly unlocks too!)
//witching hour is now every minute
//HOPEFULLY fixed underworld not triggering if previous wave was in underworld on underworld wave
//Added a fence and reworked the nav above the pit-we can't have any more "mining accidents"!
//Added Mvm gate alarms
//Merasmus will now tpos out of your sight and do so somewhere else
//Minify now acts a teleport that moves robots into the "cave" enterence near the back, a flank teleport persay
//added no build onto of rocks
//upgraded some health and ammo packs around the map into larger versions
//Another mission is coming you mad lads! Be prepared...

//Mission Changes:
//The Beast and knockout demomen can't pickup the Bomb anymore

//Wave 2-Replaced Rocketshotguns with flare pyros, removed 1 Giant Charged Soldier
//Wave 4-The main wave doesn't start until after 90 seconds due to merasmus's bot still randomly dying, Major Crits doesn't enter through the underworld anymore
//Wave 5-greatly reduced all boss HP and they spawn 30 seconds after each other
//Changelog A6

//Hopefully fixed players not exiting ghost from on witching hour
//Changed the way spells are given to bots: giants who receive common spells have a 50% chance to get one every 3-5 seconds
//increased health pack to a medium on top of the center building, edited the powerup building a bit to try to make the packs there more visable and overall accessible
//increased ammo packs in the Gate 1 building to large, added a small health pack to the side of the slope to mid from gate 1
//minify spell is now removed from giants

//Mission Changes:
//Replaced quite a few spawns with lesser beast spawns who have been greatly changed, they no longer have the knockout powerup but now enter a melee mode that makes them take far less damage before switching back to miniguns; they have very limited sight range
//Changelog A5

//Fixed being locked to melee from a Knockout powerup as well as a few minor bugs, closed the pit during the underworld
//Added the ability to start waves in the underworld
//Added a "witching hour" feature to the underworld, that causes players to respawn from ghost form every 90 seconds
//Added more strengths to the reward room
//Only Robots are "stunned" by the gatebot effect now
//Bombs that fall into the pit are now reset, furthermore the pit now has a door that closes when the underworld starts, you can also manually close it by sending Trigger to relay_closepit
//Doubled the time needed to cap gates (20 seconds VS 10)
//Added foward upgrade station, added alternative pathway for gatebots; an underpass leading to the street. Removed player spawns from the middle building; all players spawn in the far building, added another exit to said building.
//Starting working in displacements
//increased the ammount of yellow skeletons that spawn from underworld bots while in the underworld to 3 (from 1, with 3 seconds inbetween)
//Fixed the Merasmus bot dying when Merasmus went into hiding; causing the rest of the wave to spawn prematurally

//Mission Changes:

//Fixed Fools having tags and AI modifers they should not have while in non-gatebot mode

//Wave 4-replaced babyface scouts with gatebot bonks, gatebot jesters only spawn at the south spawn
//Wave 5-reworked this wave, now has alot of mini demomen
Largely a hotfix and a guide to making your own missions! Largely done on request
//Changelog A3

//Moved Underworld teleports for BLU to gate B, furhermore, there's a 15 second pause in robot spawns when this happens
//there isn't a small cove into the slopes anymore behind gate B
//added Tank Support
//Added Engie Support, supports up to 3 active engies, and 2 will move nests when gate A is capped

//Mission Changes

//swapped wave 2 & 3
//wave 5-swapped the pyro and nukes alot boss around
//Changelog A2

//--map changes

//Underworld portals moved, they also move as the gates are captured
//Back gate spawns are disabled for now, capturing this gate by the bots triggers the underworld
//Fixed player spawns
//added more path arrows, again, with arrows by Blade 64X, thanks again!
//Underworld bots no long spawn as ghosts in the underworld, but instead get krits for 5 seconds
//Alotta other stuff I kinda forgot to document, oh and first version of the offical mission!