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Doppler B12

Gatebot map with weaving paths in wintertide spytech.

  1. Improved player navigation and control

    Blade x64
    20190704095604_2.jpg 20190704095658_1.jpg 20190704095724_1.jpg 20190704095753_1.jpg 20190704095930_1.jpg
  2. Weird bugs

    Blade x64
    Map Changelog:
    • Fixed Dragon's Fury and Huntsman projectiles not projectiling around B gates.
    • Upped vertical push force of vents.
  3. Navigating Fury

    Blade x64
    Map Changelog:
    • Probably fixed the Dragon's Fury.
    • Upped push force in upper vent.
    • Added nav connection so bots can get on top of outside rock.
    • Analyzed nav with brushes disabled so bots can see.
  4. Pickups

    Blade x64
    Map Changelog:
    • Upgraded health packs near hatch.

    Mission Changelog:
    • "Ze Goggles" -> "Medic Goggles"
  5. Balancing pass

    Blade x64
    Map Changelog:
    • Moved final hatch forward 64 units.
    • Fixed missing railing clip.
    • Removed nobuild from upper exterior rocks.
    • Minor Ładny.

    Force Restart (Advanced) Changelog:
    • Fixed missing bot_giant tags.
    • Kritz Medics are no longer poor and Irish.
    • W1 - Replaced final kritz Demo cluster with flying swordsmen.
    • W2 - Granted final Heavy some Über Medics.
    • W4 - Removed giant Scouts.
    • W4 - Reduced final giant Heavy/Medic clusters from 3 to 2....
  6. Minor fixes

    Blade x64
    -Fixed engineer bot sentry spots not being enabled for the first section.
    -Simplified advanced wave.
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