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Doppler B12

Gatebot map with weaving paths in wintertide spytech.

  1. Blade x64
    A Mannhattan-type gatebot map styled as a Spytech facility in a winter forest.

    Normal bots and gate bots prefer different weaving paths to offer a challenge of defending both. To ensure players are comfortable with each area, the first two waves start out at B and then A. The furthest robot spawn features three exits with one randomly closed, resulting in a different start every wave.

    Includes an intermediate, advanced, and expert mission. Also includes the Mannhattan missions.

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Recent Updates

  1. Improved player navigation and control
  2. Weird bugs
  3. Navigating Fury

Recent Reviews

  1. Mr.LandTree
    Version: B11
    the best custom mvm map I have seen yet! I love how map opens up with each wave. Plus custom holograms for bomb and gate bot paths are really good and well made. You have done a great job man
    Version: B6
    I love the idea of different stages for different waves. Very creative! The map is also very, very pretty. This map must've taken a lot of creativity, so 12/10
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