Doppler B12

Gatebot map with weaving paths in wintertide spytech.

  1. Blade x64
    A Mannhattan-type gatebot map styled as a Spytech facility in a winter forest.

    Normal bots and gate bots prefer different weaving paths to offer a challenge of defending both. To ensure players are comfortable with each area, the first two waves start out at B and then A. The furthest robot spawn features three exits with one randomly closed, resulting in a different start every wave.

    Includes an intermediate, advanced, and expert mission. Also includes the Mannhattan missions.

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Recent Updates

  1. Improved player navigation and control
  2. Weird bugs
  3. Navigating Fury

Recent Reviews

  1. g00dDog
    Version: B12
    It takes a few plays to really appreciate it. It is a big map, but not cavernous enough to lose your team or get lost yourself as too many map developers do who dream too large for their small ideas and constructs. If you don't suck, and your team is tight, doors will open up for you here as you come to appreciate the two colored paths. They thought out the levels and their bot balance well. One thing I always respect is giving players the same advantages to trade off with our common robotic enemy. Too many map developers just keep adding more bots to overwhelm you. These are well balanced bot populations, good navigational routing so you actually have a chance- unless you suck, so Get Good. My team of friends test maps without the snotty arrogance of the potato server. We vote on maps we completely test. This turned out to be a team favorite consistently. Well done- my first five star rating today while I review our favorite and worst maps (over a decade no on our [unnamed] server. Trust me.
  2. Mr.LandTree
    Version: B11
    the best custom mvm map I have seen yet! I love how map opens up with each wave. Plus custom holograms for bomb and gate bot paths are really good and well made. You have done a great job man
    Version: B6
    I love the idea of different stages for different waves. Very creative! The map is also very, very pretty. This map must've taken a lot of creativity, so 12/10