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Dockyard RC7navfix

Mann Co. is about to receive one hell of a shipment.

  1. A stack of barrels bests the pesky buster

    • Updated .nav file to fix a case where Sentry Busters suicide on spawn
  2. Even more QoL

    • Adjusted geometry at the front and back areas of the map
    • Adjusted geometry at gate area to make the its side spawn support Giant Robots
    • Re-routed the bomb to go around the left side of the platform at the front
    • Added relays to let mission makers open and close the forward spawn to use 'ambush bots'
    • Added spawn points for the side spawns at the front
  3. Wow it's barely anything

    • Adjusted the angles on an observer point to stop the console being flooded by a ton of error messages
  4. Another tiny fix and some QoL changes

    • Added some cover to the front to make it a bit easier to defend
    • Added Spyware Shipping, an Advanced mission by Jakapoa
    • Changed the visuals of the map a bit to try and make it look less basic
    • Changed the steam whistle cap sound to a trainhorn
    • Changed one max ammokit at the front to medium
    • Removed shitty door next to grinder ;)
    • Adjusted geometry at the grinder to try and make it less annoying to use
  5. Release Candidate 5a

    • Fixed a dumb error causing the gate alarm to play forever
    • Fixed the upgrade station staying disabled if players fail a wave
    • Fixed a case where bots can get trapped inside A when a tank dies
    • Merasmus has reclaimed his lost television
    • Special request: added a relay to disable return timers
  6. Post-contest bugfixing

    --Release Candidate 4--

    • Fixed a spot where players could leave level boundaries
    • Fixed a visual goof over at the grinder
    • Fixed bombpath markers not showing when the map first loads
    • Fixed a fence being solid and causing some collision issues
    • Fixed a case where the middle door at the front doesn't close when A is captured
    • Fixed a case where bots could skip bombpaths via the forward upgrade station area
    • Fixed a navigation goof at the grinder area
    • Made the...
  7. Last minute changes

    --Some last minute changes that I didn't write down, sorry about that--
  8. Release Candidate 3

    --Release Candidate 3--

    • Fixed a case where Giants would teleport into A and receive the bomb that was just sent back into spawn
  9. Release Candidate 2

    --Release Candidate 2--
    • Adjusted Tank paths at the front so players don't get crushed at corners as easily
    • Adjusted Gatebot pathing so they jitter around a bit less than before
  10. Release Candidate 1

    --Release Candidate 1--

    • Now on the Workshop!
    • Tweaked the lighting around the interiors
      • Also tweaked a bit of the 'ghost lighting' around the map
    • Bumped up the ammo kits around the map a bit
    • Added map photos
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