Dipole A2

Brushwork experimentation

  1. DrSquishy
    A payload map by me
    This is somewhat a layout test to see what the best workflow is for blending aesthetics and gameplay spaces for a planned future project, as well as seeing how more open-form layouts than I usually make play out.
    I've done a lot of fancy over the top brushwork on this, it's on ~65% brushsides currently
    Opening area is a spiritual successor to tarpit opening area, maybe I'll implement similar changes into tarpit if this plays well

    pl_dipole_a10005.png pl_dipole_a10001.png pl_dipole_a10006.png pl_dipole_a10002.png pl_dipole_a10004.png pl_dipole_a10003.png

    Custom content:
    *Clouds by theatretechie
    *Custom devs, cryon water, and karsch materials made by me
    *Striped glass window by asg
    *Forklift by rexy
    *Moneyface by chin
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Recent Updates

  1. Signage, fixed spawns
  2. Fixing minor issues