DevMesh a8

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The Smk
First release
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King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. Spawn and Connector Rework

    Reworked connectors and spanw to be less linear and more interesting fighting space. Mid had some minor changes to fit the new layout and the flank got a new overhaul
  2. Spawn Connector and Flanks Rework

    Spawn Connector: Replaced Walls with a Builduing you can go inside Made Stair up to the Highground thinner Flanks: Removed Staircase from mid to Highround Flank Added Truck to block strong Sightline throught the entire Flank Added Walls so it...
  3. Long Hiatus

    -Rework of Spawn area -Put point on a low ground instead of a highround -Added a bit mroe Cover to the Point -Made the Map seem more Open - Blocked off Sniper Sight Lines - Fixed Map area where you could place a teleporter and get teleported in...