Derailed A24

Join mercs in fight for this no-mans-land newly constructed trainyard!

  1. Total overhaul!

    Removed passage directly from spawns to point to prevent spawncamping;
    Changed mid significantly, few times;
    Mid building was redesign a little;
    In other words, it's "a whoole neeew woooorld"


    1. 2016-02-01_00003.jpg
    2. 2016-02-01_00002.jpg
    3. 2016-02-01_00001.jpg
  2. New lower building area, 3D skybox, soundscapes

    • Removed old entry to lower story of pointside building, replaced with new one, put more emphasis on attacking point from there
    • Moved point from middle battlegrounds area to upper one
    • Reduced ability to spawncamp from upstairs area
    • Added soundscapes
    • Finished 3D skybox, complete with dynamic effects
  3. Another quick fix

    Messed up spawns, blu info_player_teamspawns were set to red team
  4. Quick update

    Forgot to enable respawnrooms, also big thank you to Cartfridge for name suggestion!
  5. Lots of new things and layout changes

  6. Hell a lot of layout changes

    ~70% of map was changed since last upload