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Deployment A4

Frontline payload turning from a beach to a town.

  1. Sor
    Blue arrive in a ship to blow up the Red´s ammunition supplies. 20170917170139_1.jpg 20170917170151_1.jpg 20170917170210_1.jpg 20170917170216_1.jpg 20170917170225_1.jpg 20170917170235_1.jpg 20170917170241_1.jpg 20170917170257_1.jpg 20170917170304_1.jpg 20170917170311_1.jpg 20170917170325_1.jpg 20170917170338_1.jpg 20170917170352_1.jpg 20170917170358_1.jpg 20170917170406_1.jpg 20170917170445_1.jpg 20170917170627_1.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. A4 No more giant boat
  2. A3 The great fix of the packing
  3. A2