Delivery A9

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Delivery A9

Don't worry, I'll change the name.

A nice night time scuffle

(Previous versions used Auwi's prefab, but due to poor feedback involving the gamemode I've changed it to ctf, I'd love to see the prefab be used but it'll need some changes to make it differ more from koth)
First release
Last update
Symmetrical CP

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Latest updates

  1. Minor changes

    -game doesn't go on forever once the timer runs out anymore -super minor details
  2. More massive changes

    -Map is no longer any sort of ctf and instead 3cp (may change based on feedback) -Map now takes place at night -Lots of minor bits added in more solid areas
  3. Changing to invasion

    - Map is no longer koth/ctf hybrid due to negative feedback - stretched out base courtyard to house a new flag capturepoint - New flank route added - Minor tweaks (mostly to due with the skybox)