Multi Stage Dauphin s2_a8b


  1. 8b

    Another Bad Pun
    this is the newest version and dates back to December, i just never uploaded it here

    stage 3 is in the works:
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  2. id_dauphin_s2_a7b

    Another Bad Pun
    Bug fixes.
  3. id_dauphin_s2_a7a

    Another Bad Pun
    Thanks to kubeking for giving me some preliminary feedback on this version

    +health pack adjustments
    +one way door moved to second level
    +new doorway in flank
    +new blue spawn exit
    +miscellaneous changes
    hl2 2018-12-17 16-31-05-02.png
  4. id_dauphin_s2_a2

    Another Bad Pun
    id_dauphin_s2_a2 changelog:
    +Announcer voicelines now working
    +Initial intel spawnpoint moved
    +C & D captimes raised
    +Fixed exploit where you could shoot through the sides of the grate door
    +Main route now closes off after C is captured
    +Windows at D shifted to perpendicular wall
    +More railings at D
    +Blocked sightlines in areas
    +Many pickup placement changes / adjustments
  5. Stage 2

    Another Bad Pun
    Hello, there's a second stage now!

    +added stage 2
    +added pizza
    -removed stage 1 temporarily
    A big thank you to everyone who supported me along the way.

    hl2 2018-12-07 17-32-01-73.png
    hl2 2018-11-24 22-49-40-95.png
    hl2 2018-12-07 17-32-56-71.png
    hl2 2018-12-07 17-38-16-21.png
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  6. ad_dauphin_a8_s1

    Another Bad Pun
    New dauphin!
    -New route onto upper area at B
    -New route to B area
    -A has a ramp now
    -Additional glass in A/B connector
    -Pickup alterations
    -Red spawn can now only be entered from the lower route unless you are a jump class, all classes can exit
    -"Fixed" floating resupply locker
    -Fixed overlays not displaying in certain areas
    -New overlay under flag
    -Cleaned up a lot of brushwork

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  7. ad_dauphin_a7_s1

    Another Bad Pun
    Hey! New version of dauphin! So many changes! I'm not going to list them though!
  8. Dauphin a5 Stage 1

    Another Bad Pun
    Here's ad_dauphin_a5_s1. It's still single stage, sorry!
    I'll add the changelog later.
  9. Dauphin_a3a_s1

    Another Bad Pun
    Here's the new version of dauphin. It's going to be a pretty short lived version because there are some changes I need to make.
    Stage 2 coming soon:
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